Video shows man taunting bison at Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone tourist foolishly taunts bison avoids serious injury

Yellowstone tourist foolishly taunts bison avoids serious injury

The video was posted by bystander Lindsey Jones on Wednesday, and has since been viewed more than 4 million times.

Rangers arrested 55-year-old Raymond Reinke, of Pendleton, Oregon around 10:45 p.m. Thursday in Glacier National Park.

The bison charges at him full-on and he begins to run away as the camera jerks.

The man did not appear to be injured as he yelled at the animal and it charged. Reinke then travelled to Yellowstone, where local rangers stopped his vehicle on July 31.

The bison first tried to just ignore the person. Rangers said Reinke, who wasn't wearing a seatbelt, was intoxicated and argumentative.

Reinke was issued a citation requiring a court appearance that same evening before the park was aware of the circulating video.

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A video of the bison incident was captured by Lindsey Jones of Elko, Nevada, on August 1.

In a warning message on the National Park Service's official website for Yellowstone National Park, it says, "Wild animals are unpredictable and unsafe".

Wenk says the U.S. Agriculture Department is concerned the animals have not been in quarantine long enough to ensure they are disease free.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Superintendent Dan Wenk called the man's actions "reckless, risky and illegal". The National Park Service advises that individuals should always remain at least 100 yards (about 90 meters) from bears or wolves and at least 25 yards (20 metres) away from all other wildlife. These distances safeguard both visitors and the experience of sharing a landscape with thousands of freely-roaming animals.

A short time later, Reinke harassed the bison, rangers suspect.

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