Michigan Democrats hoping for pink and blue wave in November

More than 90 Muslims including Deedra Abboud have entered races for public office on the local state and national levels

More than 90 Muslims including Deedra Abboud have entered races for public office on the local state and national levels

Libertarians also had a choice for governor on the primary ticket, for the first time in Michigan's history.

She also claims her message is resonating with female voters in the state. He likes Trump but said the president's endorsement did not sway him.

"It's a big warning sign for Republicans", said Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Brandon Dillon. Voters were also choosing primary candidates in Missouri and Washington.

"While the entire country wants to forget that history, we're not allowed to", she said.

The Democratic candidate for governor is a former leader of the Senate Democrats, Gretchen Whitmer.

In his victory speech, Schuette thanked all his supporters. Following her victory, Ocasio-Cortez came to MI to campaign with El-Sayed, as did Vermont Sen. "And Whitmer was one of the architects of the policies that resulted in the lost decade".

In another suburban Detroit district, the 9th, Andy Levin was leading former state Rep. Ellen Lipton in the Democratic primary to succeed his father, longtime Rep. Both Shri Thanedar and Abdul El Sayed positioned themselves as progressives. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who predicted that El-Sayed would defy polling like Sanders did in narrowly upsetting Hillary Clinton in Michigan's 2016 presidential primary.

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Rescuers in Lombok were said to be still pulling people out alive from the rubble, two days after the natural disaster . Thousands of people are now trying to get off the island, she said, describing the mood as both sombre and panicked.

In recent days Whitmer had leaned in to her front-runner status, refusing to mention her primary opponents on the campaign trail and admonishing campaign crowds to not take anything for granted. "You have to understand how things work to get things done", said Karen Rozanski, 67, of St. Clair Shores, who voted for Whitmer.

"Our leaders have failed us, but we are going to make the change we deserve in this state". "As a child, I never once anxious about literacy or drinking water or infrastructure". "And she knows that, which is why her best move here would have been either to just ignore or to say no".

Voters in MI also decided two other primary races.

Bill Hall is the chair of the Michigan Libertarian party.

More than five thousand people voted Libertarian, with candidate Bill Gelineau taking the nomination.

While quipping that "catcalling must be very weird in Queens", Shapiro accused people "on the left" of using a "defense in which anybody who requests a discussion or a debate must be evil by their very nature".

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