Trump Again Threatens Government Shutdown Over Border Wall

Will the economy Trump the President's other problems

Trump Threatens Government Shutdown Over Border Wall Funding

'I would have no problem doing a shut down. This appears to be a reversal for the president, as Trump had regularly said throughout his 2016 presidential campaign that Mexico would pay for the border wall.

He also repeated his attacks on immigration law itself, incorrectly asserting that "they want us to hire thousands of judges". "We must enforce the rules against visa fraud, illegal overstay, illegal entry and other immigration violations and crimes, and crimes they are".

"The biggest enemies here are not necessarily the open-borders Democrats". But more than 700 illegal immigrant children not "eligible" who aren't eligible for reunification remained in federal custody as of Thursday.

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) said he assumed Trump's words were a "negotiating tactic".

But a day later, he softened his tone, saying at a joint press conference with the visiting Italian prime minister, "I always leave room for negotiation".

"We're just going to try and get our work done and get it done on time".

He first threatened a government shut down on Sunday.

In the tweet, Mr. Trump demanded more border security including a border wall, end of catch-and-release policies and a move to a merit-based immigration system. We need great people coming into our Country!,' he tweeted Sunday morning.

With his record on Russian Federation under scrutiny, President Donald Trump is insisting that the United States will not lift sanctions against Moscow.

"But this has been many years", Trump said. Conte shares Trump's populist tendencies as well as his skepticism about immigration.

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The House in June rejected an immigration bill favored by conservative Republicans. Italy has had more than 650,000 immigrants enter the country since 2014.

It is unclear what prompted the president's remark, but Limbaugh analyzed the president's threat to shut down the government on his Monday show pointing out that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell quickly denied the proposal. The president signaled in the White House meeting that he was on board with McConnell and Ryan's strategy to fund the government smoothly through "minibusses", or smaller packages of spending bills that had been moving through the House and Senate, according to a person familiar with the meeting.

"I don't think we're going to shut down the government".

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) downplayed the potential for a government shutdown, which would take place October 1, the end of the fiscal year and just weeks before the midterm elections.

Trump's declaration puts him at odds with members of his own party in Congress, where many Republicans are facing tough re-election fights this November. Trump said the two leaders agree that "border security is national security - they are one in the same".

"We have to end these awful catch-and-release principles where you catch somebody, you take their name and you release them".

Funding for the government runs out at the end of September. The House is now in a five-week recess, returning after Labor Day.

The previous omnibus spending bill signed by Trump in March included only $1.6 billion in funds for a border wall, far short of the $25 billion Trump requested for his signature campaign promise.

Democrats and Republicans have in fact made unusual progress on the 12 appropriations measures necessary to keep the government operating.

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