NK media call for Seoul's active efforts to formally end Korean War

Pompeo says Kim must keep vow to denuclearise

U.S. Bid To Ban Fuel Shipments To North Korea Fails

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday urged United Nations member-states to keep tough economic sanctions fully in place on North Korea and maintain pressure on Kim Jong Un to dismantle Pyongyang's nuclear program. The U.S. has pushed for rapid moves toward ridding North Korea of its nuclear weapons and says sanctions will remain until Pyongyang follows through on Kim's pledge.

He said that "the countries of the Security Council are united on the need for final, fully verified denuclearisation of North Korea, as agreed to by Chairman Kim".

Sen. Lindsey Graham is warning President Trump amid ongoing negotiations with North Korea that he's being "played" by dictator Kim Jong Un. The North Korean economy contracted 0.5 percent in 2010, but it soon picked up in the following year maintaining its growth rate of around 1 percent until 2014.

Observers say the North Korean media reports signal Pyongyang's displeasure with what it sees as a slow pace at which the debate on formally ending the war has been under way. The sanctions committee has what it needs.

Cracks began to emerge in plans for the summit last week, after North Korea threatened to call off the meeting if the Trump administration demanded the country completely denuclearize.

"The negative growth is attributable to a drop in its mining output and a retreat in its heavy and chemical industries, as the United Nations imposed tougher sanctions over its nuclear and missile activities", one official told South Korea's Yonhap news agency.

Right now, Pompeo said, North Korea is "illegally smuggling" refined petroleum products into the country beyond the quota of 500,000 barrels per year allowed under United Nations sanctions, mainly by ship-to-ship transfers.

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On her way into the meeting, South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said Kim needed to be held accountable for his promises.

"Trump is too vested to walk away right now", said Victor Cha, a North Korea expert who the Trump Administration almost selected to be the next United States ambassador to Seoul.

The council a year ago adopted three rafts of sanctions targeting North Korea's economy in response to Pyongyang's sixth nuclear test and a series of ballistic missile launches.

"They have made a clear commitment on complete denuclearization repeatedly and of course very forcefully at the Singapore summit with President Trump, and we will hold them up to that commitment", Kang said.

Trump tweeted earlier this week that he secured a commitment from Russian Federation to help with North Korea and reaffirmed his belief that relations with the nation are good.

However, as days have passed by, American negotiators have faced it increasingly hard to turn the words into action, thanks to stiff resistance from the East Asian country and it has left Trump aghast, so much so that he has fumed at his aides privately even as he praised the negotiations in public, The Washington Times reported. Delattre said it was important to avoid "any premature signal of a loosening of sanctions that would be a counter-message".

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