Georgia cops caught on bodycam ‘flipping coin to decide arrest’

Officer Courtney Brown used a coin flip app on her mobile phone and the toss went against Webb with Brown and the other officer Kristee Wilson giggling as they began to write up charges

Cops who arrested a speeding female motorist on the FLIP OF A COIN are placed on leave

There wasn't any assault involved, and no one was injured.

Two Georgia cops were seen on body-cam footage using a coin-flip app decide whether to cuff a woman for speeding.

Sarah Webb was pulled over in April by Roswell police for driving 80 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone in the rain.

The video obtained by WXIA-TV showed Roswell police Officer Courtney Brown consulting with fellow officers about whether to arrest Sarah Webb or just give her a ticket after she was stopped for allegedly speeding.

Brown says she didn't record the actual speed at which Webb had been driving. So off to jail Webb went. They're even corrupt when it comes to their own probability tests.

With their options only to arrest Sarah and take her to jail or to release her, Brown turned to a coin for help.

Brown then returns to her vehicle to consult with fellow officers about whether to arrest Sarah Webb or just give her a ticket. Wilson asks. Brown laughs, and opens an app on her phone that performs a digital coin flip.

"So release?" Brown says. Wilson is heard saying "23', the code for arrest".

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Rusty Grant, the chief of police in Roswell, told NBC News that the officers have been placed on leave.

WXIA-TV reported the department denied Webb's request to see the video.

"I have a really big day at work", Webb said, crying, in the caught-on-camera moment.

"I think they should be fired I don't think at all that they should be getting a paid vacation", said Webb.

Both officers were placed on administrative leave, Grant said in the Friday statement. According to Webb, the prosecutor said she watched the videos, and refused to prosecute the case.

"I have much higher expectations of our police officers and I am appalled that any law enforcement officer would trivialize the decision making process of something as important as the arrest of a person", Grant said. Webb said she didn't know that her fate had relied on a coin toss until the television station contacted her.

"Wow, these people put my freedom in the hands of a coin flip", Webb told 11Alive.

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