Fortnite Season 5 Adds a New Squad Vehicle, Desert Biome & More

Fortnite season 5 adds all-terrain kart and new places to explore with it [Video]

'Fortnite' season five adds a desert locale, golf carts and rifts

By collecting more Battle Stars and upping their tier (up to a season maximum of 100), players can earn limited-time rewards like cosmetic outfits and XP boosts.

With Paradise Palms and Lazy Links providing new, surprising settings, Fortnite needs a fancier way of navigating the island. Fans can check out Epic Games' full patch notes for season 5 online.

Season 5 brings a new story line, new areas on the map, new weapons, toys, vehicles and new challenges.

If you're looking for the lightning bolts this week you can check out our guide here with nine locations or if you still need to grab the treasure for the map found in Risky Reels, we've found that too. If that weren't enough, there's also a Bounce Pad on the roof. Squads will also be able to jump the ATK over obstacles.

There are also a notable number of rifts still lurking around the map.

You're also invited to step through a rift, with Epic promising "you're in for a wild ride". Polygon speculates that it might even transport players to an entirely different map.

Epic released a cinematic trailer for Season 5 on Thursday that features a real-life man teleported into Fortnite along with some of Season 5's new items including the golf cart and viking ship. This should make it a little bit more challenging for players who prefer to camp as the Storm closes in.

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The hunting rifle's aim assist has been lowered to match that of other sniper rifles, and the suppressed SMG now features the same damage drop off profile as other SMGs.

Fortnite season 5 is now available.

The patch notes details a lot of tweaks that have been made to the game such as adjusted.shotgun spread patterns, heavy shotguns now firing 10 pellets instead of 5 along with bug fixes. You'll also be able to see how numerous pellets from a shot hit the target, which will be displayed by marks within the reticle, allowing you to see at a glance how effective your shot was.

As Epic explains: "All players can change their preferred fire mode by navigating to Options, Custom HUD Layout, then choosing the "Select Fire Mode" option and confirming their selection: Tap-to-fire, A dedicated fire button, Autofire".

Perhaps one of the biggest changes occurred in the Moisty Mire part of the map, which doesn't look so moist anymore.

For Switch players, V5 adds gyro motion control options to the game.

Almost ten months after its release, Fortnite: Battle Royale continues to be a massive success.

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