Twitter reacts to Bill Clinton's comments on Lewinsky, #MeToo movement

Bill Clinton says Barack Obama enjoyed favorable press coverage partly because of his race

Bill Clinton Admits Obama Got Better Media Coverage Because He is Black

Clinton made headlines in 1998 after the news of his sexual affair with Lewinsky - who was a White House intern during the time he was president - came to light. "This was litigated 20 years ago, two-thirds of the American people sided with me".

"I now see how problematic it was that the two of us even got to a place where there was a question of consent", she wrote. "I defended the Constitution", Clinton said.

During the interview, the former president insisted he's already paid his dues and will not privately apologize to Lewinsky years later.

When asked if he owed Monica an apology, he said, "No, I do not - I have never talked to her".

But then when Clinton was asked by by NBC whether he owed Lewinsky a direct apology, he said: "No, I do not".

After former President Bill Clinton angrily responded to questioning about his former mistress Monica Lewinsky Monday, the public outcry led him to attempt to clarify his comments at a later event.

In an essay she wrote for Vanity Fair earlier this year, Ms Lewinsky said she went on to be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being vilified and publicly shamed by the media. She said she had always considered the relationship consensual, but the #MeToo movement shifted her thinking on the subject.

After losing the 2000 election to the Republicans, Mr Clinton handed over the reigns to the country's 43rd president, George W. Bush, on January 20, 2001.

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No date has been set for this year's congressional picnic but last year's took place on June 22 on the White House South Lawn. Stephanie Grisham , the first lady's communications director, told ABC News that the first lady will be skipping the trips.

Clinton said that he likes the #metoo movement, calling it "way overdue", but adding he "doesn't agree with everything".

Clinton utilized the interview to suggest that his critics are "omitting facts" to group him together with other men accused during the #MeToo campaign.

Clinton's incoherent response is pretty much typical of the left's indefensible explanations for why the 42nd president got a pass then and is still getting one today.

While Clinton praised the #MeToo movement in the interview, he admitted to having reservations about how some of it has unfolded.

Clinton said he doesn't think President Donald Trump has gotten a free pass, but that Trump's alleged exploits haven't "gotten anything like the coverage you would expect". "The moral standards haven't changed, but the standards about how we now talk about what happens in the workplace have, and that's a good thing".

But Clinton bristled during the NBC News interview when asked whether he felt he had done enough to address the scandal. "But you know, she's living in a different context". "I left the White House with $16 million in debt".

In a later tweet, she added, "Today, I wanted to tweet about my experience at Hay Literary Festival".

"I don't think there is a fancy way to say that I have sinned".

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