Trump says he’s considering pardoning Martha Stewart, Rod Blagojevich

Trump to pardon Dinesh D’Souza

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"If you read his statement, it was a foolish statement with a lot of bravado". And it doesn't, he shouldn't have been put in jail.

"I think to a certain extent Martha Stewart was harshly and unfairly treated", Trump said, according to a pool report (per The New York Times). "But that's okay, I don't view it that way".

Patti Blagojevich also included a personal appeal and praise for Trump, who is known to be a frequent Fox News viewer. "When they can't prove a crime, they create one".

"I don't know him other than that he was on The Apprentice for a short period of time", Trump said, referring his former reality TV show. As Trump "fired" Blagojevich as a contestant, he also praised Blagojevich for how he was fighting his criminal case, telling him: "You have a hell of a lot of guts". D'Souza, an outspoken critic of former President Barack Obama, had claimed that his prosecution by the Obama Justice Department was politically motivated, but the presiding federal judge said D'Souza had failed to prove it.

"What they did to him was disgusting", Trump told reporters, speaking of his decision to clear the name of Dinesh D'Souza, who had pleaded guilty to campaign finance fraud.

Stewart pleaded guilty in 2004 to charges including lying to federal investigators during an insider trading investigation and served five months in prison. But D'Souza told the conservative Daily Caller that Republican Sen.

But prosecutors said the charges were nonpolitical and arose out of the FBI's "routine review" of campaign filings. Trump often mentioned Saucier's case on the campaign trail as he criticized his former Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, for her use of a private email server.

During his plea hearing in 2014, D'Souza acknowledged wrongdoing.

D'Souza ultimately admitted to donating tens of thousands of dollars to a U.S. Senate campaign, well above the individual contributions limit of $5,000, by funneling money to other people and donating in their names. "So I don't in that sense regret my experience", he said.

"The President has the right to pardon but the facts are these: D'Souza intentionally broke the law, voluntarily pled guilty, apologized for his conduct & the judge found no unfairness", he tweeted after Trump made the announcement.

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According to some political analysts, the pardons could be a signal to Trump allies who are now facing charges or are under investigation.

"Worst news since their parents told them to get summer jobs", D'Souza tweeted.

D'Souza, Cruz added, is "a powerful voice for freedom, systematically dismantling the lies of the Left - which is why they hate him".

Take Stewart's pardon, for instance. He is scheduled for release in 2024. "And there was Trump", he said.

President George W. Bush later commuted Libby's 30-month prison sentence but didn't issue a pardon despite intense pressure from Cheney.

Then he said he's strongly considering commuting the sentence of IL ex-Gov.

On Wednesday, Trump met with Kim Kardashian to discuss prison and sentencing reform.

"He's being fearless and courageous", he said, referring to the D'Souza pardon.

In addition to the five people pardoned, Trump has granted one commutation since taking office.

Schaub was far from alone in seeing nefarious motives in the pardon - along with other pardons Trump has not even granted but has publicly mulled, such as for businesswoman Martha Stewart and former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. He's also a prominent Christian activist; he used to be the president of a Christian college but resigned after he became engaged to one woman while still married to another.

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