Trump quip about North Korea's Kim sparks outcry on social media

A sand sculpture for the FIFA World Cup by Sand artist Sudarsan Patnaik

A sand sculpture for the FIFA World Cup by Sand artist Sudarsan Patnaik

Abe has already said publicly that he would be willing to meet Kim in order to resolve the abduction issue.

In surveys conducted by Monmouth University, Reuters and Politico, more than 50% of voters said they saw the Singapore summit as a win for the president, even as they expressed uncertainty about what came from it.

The surprise appearance on "Fox & Friends", followed by a combative round of questions with reporters, came two days after Trump returned from Singapore expecting a hero's welcome and tweeting that the world could "sleep well". It is also hoping for denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula so that there are no nuclear weapons in the peninsula and there is no need for the USA to deploy theatre missile defence systems in the region.

Harris also said he believes sanctions on North Korea should stay in place while denuclearization talks continue, echoing comments earlier Thursday by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The Korean crisis began to thaw at the start of 2018 when Kim announced his decision to resume talks on denuclearization. Nevertheless, how the real world will work after the summit remains to be seen. If we did, millions of people would have been killed.

The president told Bret Baier on Fox News, "When you take over a country - a tough country, tough people - and you take it over from your father, I don't care who you are, what you are, how much of an advantage you have". She said the meeting between the USA and North Korea was significant but said the talks also carried risks of relations deteriorating if they fall through.

The phrasings can, on one hand, mean all North Koreans and Americans, and on the other hand can mean people reporting directly to the two leaders. "We have communication, it's a very good thing", Trump said.

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Ultimately, China wishes for seven 'no's regarding nuclearisation of the Korean peninsula: no test, no production, no weapons, no storage, no passage, no deployment and no use. A North Korean general saluted Trump, and the president saluted him in return.

To be sure, the fact the United States and North Korea are now on speaking terms augurs a lowering of tensions.

While the three major South Korea-U.S. war games went on in recent years, key U.S. strategic military assets were mobilized to the Korean Peninsula, causing strong backlash from the DPRK side.

"Kim Jong Un loves the power that his country gives him, and that power he can get from people". Chol saluted. Trump saluted back. "If there's a chance at peace, if there's a chance to end the disgusting threat of nuclear conflict, then we must pursue it at all costs".

During the summit, Kim and Trump exchanged views on the situation in Korea.

Putin said he would be happy to welcome Kim to Russian Federation, suggesting they meet during an economic forum in the far eastern port city of Vladivostok this September.

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