Trump claims he has 'largely solved' North Korea problem

Trump says he wants Americans to treat him like North Koreans treat dictator Kim Jong Un

Jealous of Kim, Trump Wants Americans to “Sit Up in Attention” When He Talks Too

Donald Trump just dropped in on his pals at Fox & Friends to say he hopes that one day the American people will treat him like North Koreans treat Kim Jong-un. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters at a press briefing Thursday that it is "common courtesy" to salute a military official. But when the two stood together during Tuesday's meeting, the difference in their heights wasn't that noticeable.

"Once we know that it can't happen", he said of further nuclear and missile tests.

Intelligence officers also take into question Trump's suggest desire to end all joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea, a move it calls a "retreat" by the USA and an acceptance of China's longstanding position to end the military exercises. Trump's announcement that he would halt the exercises appeared to catch Pentagon officials unaware and they initially said there was no change to planned exercises.

"I want my people to do the same", Trump said, before joking about the fate of several North Korean generals.

"Uhhh, could happen. I mean, yeah, I would have him".

"Look, he's doing what he's seen done", Trump told Greta Van Susteren when asked about Kim starving his own people.

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South Korea's Presidential Office of Cheong Wa Dae has welcomed Trump's potential phone call with Kim, . saying it would be a major step forward.

'He gave us the remains of our great heroes, ' Trump said, nothing North Korea has pledged to return remains of USA soldiers from the Korean war. "You will have nuclear war", he said.

Donald Trump said he wishes people would "sit up and pay attention" to him the way they do in North Korea when Kim Jong Un speaks. Speaking about the highly-contested dictator, the current Commander in Chief notes how "he's the head of the country, and I mean he's the strong head".

"I call them war games".

"Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace", Trump said.

The U.S. goal of complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization, even in the most optimistic case, will likely take years - and that's assuming North Korea won't violate the accord, as it has every previous nuclear agreement. Don't let anyone think anything different. He - I've been talking about this for a long time now, and I feel like it's extreme to keep repeating it, but also, what we need to hear. "As I said in Singapore, Chairman Kim has the chance to seize an incredible future for his people", he said.

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