Trudeau calls tariffs ‘insulting’ while Trump aide labels it as ‘family quarrel’

Donald Trump hints at new deal

Trump says 'wouldn't mind' scrapping Nafta for bilateral deals

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said he would work with canadian steel companies and manufacturers of aluminium affected by the input of USA customs duties to keep the old number of jobs in this industry.

Trudeau called the reasoning "frankly insulting and unacceptable".

Trump this week announced a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum from Canada, Mexico and the European Union.

Following the steel and aluminum tariffs, Canada, Mexico and the European Union responded with their own tariffs on USA goods.

Canada announced retaliatory tariffs on aluminum, steel and a number of consumer goods after Trump implemented the steel and aluminum tariffs. The measures are particularly controversial for Canada and Mexico, America's NAFTA partners long-committed to free-trade with the US.

The dispute over US President Donald Trump's new levies on steel and aluminum imports is driving a wedge in the G7 group of industrial nations. Oil and gas pipelines use a special type of steel, much of which is not made in the United States.

Speaking on "Fox News Sunday", Larry Kudlow said that the Trump administration's confrontation with Canada is a "family quarrel" that can still be resolved through negotiations.

Trump has regularly complained that other countries impose higher tariffs on imported vehicles than the US does. As the meeting was wrapping up, he tweeted, "When you're nearly 800 Billion Dollars a year down on Trade, you can't lose a Trade War!"

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"But as I've said, Canada has a tremendous vested interest in seeing the United States do well because if we're doing well and you're doing poorly, we're going to be doing poorly too".

While both the U.S. and China reported some progress in discussions this weekend about how to reduce China's $375 billion goods-trade surplus with the U.S., Trump's revival last week of a plan to slap tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese imports has cast the talks into turmoil.

Mr Morneau, who presided over the ministerial meeting in Whistler, has called the tariffs "absurd", saying Canadian metal sales are no security risk to the US.

Trudeau is hosting a June 8-9 summit of Group of Seven leaders, including Trump, in the Quebec region of Charlevoix. "We're that interconnected, so we want a win/win, and that's what we've been working toward".

In addition to asking the reconsider and reverse the tariffs, the six finance leaders noted that because of the actions taken by the US, "collaboration and cooperation has been put at risk".

And in a testament to how ill-conceived the US strategy is, even the United Steelworkers union opposes the move.

On Thursday the White House said the exemptions were being lifted because no satisfactory arrangement had been reached. "This doesn't happen that often at G7 meetings, but it was US against everyone else", Aso said. Morneau also warns the tariff fight will destroy jobs in Canada and the USA, and drive up consumer prices.

If the WTO hears the complaint, Georgetown law professor Jennifer Hillman says the chances that the organization would side against the USA are extremely strong because, "it's a very clear case of a violation".

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