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Nintendo invites Xbox to play and be "Better Together"

Sony made mainstream news with its "hijacking" of players' Fortnite accounts, which get locked out from Nintendo Switch and Xbox cross-play the moment they become connected to PlayStation Network.

But today, Microsoft and Nintendo are seemingly putting salt in the wound with a new trailer for Minecraft.

Nintendo is promoting the new cross platform update for Minecraft on the Switch by highlighting the Xbox One.

For now, Sony remains elusive about its plans for cross-play - if it has any at all. While the ad is not malicious toward Sony, the timing of its release certainly seems to dig its heels into the PlayStation's lack of cross-play support.

Check out the trailer for yourself below!

Microsoft and Nintendo vs.

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Crossplay between the big three home gaming consoles has been a point of contention for a while, ramping up when users spotted PS4 and Xbox One players playing together in Fortnite past year. Since Nintendo can't fix the Tegra-based hardware exploit already buried in tens of millions of extant Switch consoles, this is probably the company's best way to fight back against what it sees as unauthorized modifications. Microsoft and Nintendo chose to join forces and mock Sony's stance against cross-play support in a Minecraft commercial that's all about cross-play.

The games that are selected for the special pricing are PS4 exclusives, which include games such as multi-platformed games like EA DICE's 2013 shooter Battlefield 4 and Naughty Dog's 2016 adventure Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.

That might well ruffle the feathers of some of existing Fortnite players. Yet Sony continues to refuse to allow PlayStation consoles to get in on the fun when it comes to playing with Microsoft or Nintendo consoles.

Over the a year ago, console hackers and modders have been chipping away at the Nintendo Switch, discovering what makes the console tick and how to work around its security.

Other games such as Fortnite and Rocket League also offer cross-play and players are able to play with friends on other systems. It challenges Sony to come out and play.

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