IHOP reveals name change to International House of... Burgers?

IHOP Has Changed Its Name to IHOb and You Won't Believe What the B Stands For

IHOP Has Changed Its Name to IHOb and You Won't Believe What the B Stands For By Joseph Misulonas | Jun 11 2018 | Food Culture

IHOb first announced its new name on Twitter on June 5, with many speculating that it could be changing its name to "International House of Breakfast", or "Brunch". The change is not permanent, a company spokeswoman said, but rather is a move to promote its new burger line.

All-day breakfast lovers, the mystery has been revealed.

Whether or not the IHOb name is only a short-term marketing gimmick, there's a monetary reason why the pancake chain is flipping over on its brand identity: Pancakes aren't selling like hotcakes. "Lunch follows (with 28 percent) and then dinner (16 percent) and late-night service (7 percent)". It doesn't seem like any of the restaurant chain's original items will be changed or replaced as a result of the new burgers.

Last week IHOP revealed through its social media accounts that it would be known as IHOb, setting off a guessing game among fans as to what the B stood for.

In fact, most people felt like the "b" was probably going to stand for "breakfast", which would have made a lot of sense.

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While restaurant goers on Twitter definitely had feelings.and a lot of jokes about IHOB's new name, the eatery assured fans pancakes would remain on the menu.

"In fact, you can get pancakes with your burger at the same time so you don't even have to choose", he said.

According to AdWeek, the name switch is likely just a temporary stunt to grab attention (Guess what?: It's totally working!), and the chain will probably revert back to business as usual soon.

IHOP is now IHOB (well, sort of) and the internet's not exactly down with it. It's just going to be a disconnect to get consumers to (believe IHOP) has the best burgers'. (We all promptly fell in love.) In 1973, the company began using the acronym "IHOP", and for 50-ish years, the acronym and the restaurant lived in pancake harmony.

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