Domino's to fill literal potholes to make takeout easier

Domino's Pizza fixing potholes

Domino's fixes roads with ?Paving for Pizza? initiative - Autoblog

When a town is selected, the customer is notified and the city receives funds to help with the repairs.

Domino's is looking to rid the nation of potholes destroying its pizzas.

You can nominate your town here. Domino's says it wants to help "smooth the ride home" for its pizza deliveries.

"Have you ever hit a pothole and instantly cringed?"

Officials in the cities Domino's worked with so far said they were happy to get the help, Domino's website said.

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In order to address this heart-breaking dilemma, Domino's has taken the serious matter of America's crumbling infrastructure into its own hands and has been hiring work crews to fix potholes in a number of U.S. cities, including five in Burbank, California, eight in Bartonville, Texas, 40 (yes, really) in Milford, Delaware and a shocking150 potholes filled in Athens, Georgia. "Domino's cares too much about its customers and pizza to let that happen". That includes $2 trillion for roads alone. The company is going town to town, fixing potholes that can put your precious pies at risk.

In Milford alone, 40 potholes have already been fixed.

The good publicity will be a welcome change for Domino's following an incident last month in Tennessee. According to Jalopnik, the chain famous for its chewy dough, red sauce, and cheese-like topping, has launched a campaign to fix the streets that are mangling its pizzas.

On May 2, officials said they were investigating reports of "excessive rodent activity".

A "third-party organization" will vet ZIP codes based on their popularity and the municipalities' receptiveness to the program, she said.

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