California Will Vote Whether to Split Into 3 States This Fall

Proposal to split California into three states earns spot on ballot | TheHill

Measure to split California into 3 states qualifies for November ballot

Northern California's border goes from Santa Cruz county, up to the OR border, including Merced and Mariposa counties. The next statewide general election is set to take place on November 6. An initiative that seeks to split California into three states has qualified for the state's November 2018 ballot. Proponents of the ballot measure say California is just too big and unmanageable.

Jefferson State representatives plan to hold a press conference at Robert T. Matsui U.S. Courthouse and Federal Building in Sacramento Thursday at 3:00pm. "California government can do a better job addressing the real issues facing the state, but this measure is a massive distraction that will cause political chaos and greater inequality". "And risk aversion looms large in these matters, which helps explain why no new states have been added to the United States in over 50 years, and no new state has been created out of an existing state for more than 150 years", he wrote.

But critics have slammed the partition effort as a distraction and say that breaking up the state would cost billions of tax dollars.

Backers of the measure argue California has become "ungovernable" because of its economic and geographic diversity as well as its population approaching 40 million people. The newly formed California would include Los Angeles County and go up the central coast, to Monterey County. In 1859, the state legislature consented separate areas south of the Tehachapi Mountains (including Los Angeles and San Diego) into a separate territory or state, but Congress never acted on it. Though California's prisoners come from all over the state, more than half are now held in what would become Southern California.

What are the chances of this happening?

Even if voters approve the initiative an actual split would still require the approval of the state Legislature and Congress.

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The two biggest problems with three Californias are practical, not theoretical. Three smaller states would change that equation, which worries some Democrats.

"Awesome, Cal 3 right", said Tim Draper.

A CNN analysis in April found that even if California split into three states, it would still be underrepresented in the Senate compared with most of the US.

Last October, the state's nonpartisan Legislative Analysts Office (LAO) released a review of Draper's plan. He backed a proposal to turn California into six states in 2014 but it failed to get the required number of signatures to qualify and the measure was not presented to voters.

In 2016, an effort called Calexit sought to separate California from the US. But the Russia-based leader of that campaign backed off. The boundaries would be determined by current county lines. The new states would then make their own decisions about taxes and spending.

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