America’s Teens Are Choosing YouTube Over Facebook

Our Social Media Accounts Are Driving Us Crazy

Our Social Media Accounts Are Driving Us Crazy

Instead, it's YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, all of which are more popular hangouts for USA teenagers, according to a study released today by Pew Research Center.

Before now, Facebook had dominated the social landscape the most frequently used and popular social media platform among youths in America -that's no longer the case now, according to recent studies. Use of the main Facebook service is at 51 per cent among teens, down from 71 per cent in a 2014-2015 Pew survey.

A mere three years later, and kids these days are ditching Facebook in favor for Instagram and Snapchat, which two-thirds say they now use. YouTube was not included in the survey in 2015. This edition of the research found 95% of respondents own or have access to a smartphone, up from 73% when the research was conducted in 2014-15.

Now, other social media platforms - like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat - have climbed the ranks for teens. The world's largest social network has finally been eclipsed in popularity by YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook-owned Instagram.

Research firm eMarketer published early march, and noted that Snapchat attracted more young at a faster rate than Instagram. That's compared to just 36 percent of teens who used the platform in households reporting income of $750,000 or more. Most notably, smartphone ownership has become a almost ubiquitous element of teen life: 95 per cent of teens now report they have a smartphone or access to one. About 30 per cent of teens said that social media has had a mostly positive impact on people their age while 24 per cent said the effect has been mostly negative.

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With respect to the impact of social networks in the lives of teens, the opinions are divided: 31% of them judge the whole, positive and 24% negative overall.

On the other hand, "Facebook never had it", remarked social media consultant Lon Safko."Teens never embraced Facebook from the beginning".

Furthermore, 84 percent of teens have access to a game console and 90 percent say they play games of any kind.

The study's lead author, Monica Anderson said in a statement that the environment of social media has changed among the teens over the last 3 years. Also, respondents were asked to categorically state whether they use each of the platforms or not in the previous survey.

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