What is Fallout 76? Bethesda's pre-E3 teaser has few answers

Fallout 76

BETHESDAFallout 76- Bethesda reveal new Fallout game and it's not Fallout 5 or New Vegas 2

Fallout 76 release date - when is it coming out? The trailer even features the dialogue, "In Vault 76, our future begins". There's also a broadcast message in the trailer that says, "When the fighting has stopped and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild". So are we getting a looter-shooter, an MMO, a survival game, a sandbox-style multi-player shooter (like Battlecry was supposed to be before Bethesda canceled it), or something else entirely? For instance, Kotaku's Jason Schreier has heard Fallout 76 will be "an online game of sort". Maybe it'll wow us and defy all expectations at E3 (it won't), but I reckon Chris and Rachel are both right: it's gonna have some building stuff ripped from Fallout 4, and it's gonna have some citizen management stuff a la Fallout Shelter. The vault was created to open 20 years after a nuclear war, and was among the seventeen known control vaults, meaning that it was used as a baseline to compare to experimental vaults.

Put the Bethesda E3 conference in your calendar if you want to see the first Fallout 76 gameplay - June 10, 2018 at 6:30pm PT / 02.30 BST for that.

Another instalment in that story has been mooted by some, while others have suggested a Switch version or remastering of a previous Fallout game could be the big news planned. It seems that the stream's 150,000 viewers can now rejoice, as the publisher has announced Fallout 76.

Another interesting detail in the trailer is the poster that can be glimpsed in the background of Vault 76's atrium that reads "Celebrate Reclamation Day!".

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The setting of Vault 76 actually makes sense for a game of this type, which would be more of a prequel than other Fallout games were.

The reveal trailer shows off an abandoned Vault 76 adorned with the Vault-Tec trademark blue and yellow color scheme and Pip-Boy statues wherever you look.

Fallout 3 is now available for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

What do we know about the game?

Fans of Bethesda's games regularly clamor for multiplayer in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, but the developer has yet to oblige with official co-op support in any of its mainline RPGs.

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