Universal Studios Japan roller coaster stalls, leaving riders stranded for 2 hours

Japan Roller Coaster Ride Gone Awry, People Left Hanging Upside-Down for Hours! This Video Gives Major Final Destination Feels and Chills!

Rollercoaster riders left dangling upside down for hours at Universal Studios in Japan

This is the terrifying moment that a rollercoaster stalled at Universal Studios in Japan, leaving thrill-seekers hanging upside down for up to two hours.

Two carriages, each full with 32 passengers, came to a sudden halt at around 4.45 pm on Tuesday after a safety sensor was activated.

According to the representative of the theme park, they initiated a safety mechanism after detecting some abnormality and halted the operation of the roller coaster. Fortunately, no person was reported to sustain injury in the accident that happened on Tuesday. Similar incidents took place during operation in August and September past year.

The park operator said it has replaced the faulty motor control part that caused the incident, NHK reported on Wednesday. Theme park staff guided stranded passengers to the ground through the aisle along the rail of the roller coaster before resuming operations two hours later.

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No one was injured in the incident, and riders lined up to give it a go when the coaster reopened later in the day.

The Osaka park, packed with holiday makers during Japan's "Golden Week" series of holidays, said all of the riders were evacuated safely. A 42-year-old woman from Hiroshima city with her three children said, "It's scary to think if we had been on board".

The 1,120m-long Flying Dinosaur rollercoaster ride was launched in March 2016, with its highest point reaching 37m above ground.

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