The Magic are taking Lil' Penny to the draft lottery

Josh Jackson Invites Special Guest to Attend 2018 NBA Draft Lottery

Josh Jackson Invites Special Guest to Attend 2018 NBA Draft Lottery

The Lakers pick will go to the 76ers if it falls at No. 1 or between 6-30 and will go to the Celtics if it lands somewhere between 2-5.

Here's how to watch this season's draft lottery online. The team has missed the playoffs for six consecutive seasons and is making its sixth consecutive trip to the lottery.

The annual articles about how the Wolves have never improved their pre-lottery position - and in many cases have moved down from their spot, costing them a chance to draft everyone from Shaquille O'Neal to Kyrie Irving - will remain dusty for at least this year. Doncic would also be a nice fit next to Devin Booker in a league where every team wants multiple playmakers on the court at all times.

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Therefore, if you don't see a team take hold in its designated slot above, that means it has vaulted into a top-three selection. Here are a few things that are less likely to happen than the Clippers getting a top-three pick.

Including 1985, the Knicks have selected in the top 10 nine times.

One of these teams will get the Lakers' pick in this draft, which has a minuscule (1.1 percent) chance of being the No. 1 pick and a 2.9 percent chance of rising to the top three. One was originally their own (the 13th overall), but the other (the 12th) was initially owned by the Detroit Pistons, who gave the Clips the selection in the Blake Griffin deal. The three teams with the worst records in the National Basketball Association all will have a 14 percent chance at landing the top overall pick once the new system kicks in for 2019. Oladipo, the best of the bunch, isn't with the team anymore. 2 or 3, it will go to the Boston Celtics. But for the Magic, a team that desperately needs a talent infusion, nabbing a top-three pick this year would be crucial.

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