The Guitar Player in Childish Gambino's New Video Isn't Trayvon Martin's Dad

Adele says she “adores” Childish Gambino and praises his “greatness”

This is America: the theories behind Childish Gambino's satirical masterpiece

In addition to discussing the lack of black people in space at the Lando Summit, Donald Glover also sang of intergalactic love as well as why he loves alien women. Gambino ties all of these ideas together with school children dancing, recording activity on their cellphones, a Black choir and police chaos.

And while all this is happening in the background, Donald Glover struts, high-steps and dances his way in front of it all - a pointed reminder that society chooses to ignore what's really going on behind in front of our eyes.

The references in the video, directed by Glover's Atlanta collaborator Hiro Murai, are quick and sharp, prompting viewers to keep the music video on repeat.

Calvin confirmed this when he posted a brief message accompanying a clip of the video on his socials.

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Murders occur, but the guns are treated more delicately than human lives in the video - a strong statement given the current debate over gun control.

Donald Glover was the guest host for last night's edition of Saturday Night Live (SNL).

The sketches were some of the most creative and funniest we've seen all season, exhibiting a wide range of silliness, originality, smart commentary, and great writing.

The actor, singer, and writer made a serious impression on the sketch show, to make up for how they'd rejected him before. In fact, he appeared in a new 30-second commercial for "Solo: A Star Wars Story". After being introduced by Zoe Kravitz, who casually held a red cup before she joined the party on stage, Childish debuted a new song, "Saturday". Glover has been the focus of much of the marketing material thus far, resplendent in a variety of funky outfits.

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