Several NFLers Flirting With Idea Of Sitting Out With Kaepernick & Reid

They are considering taking the action to force NFL teams to sign Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid

They are considering taking the action to force NFL teams to sign Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid

Kaepernick invented the anti-American protest during the playing of the national anthem in 2016. Players who do not wish to stand have the option of waiting in the locker room.

Kaepernick's legal team have conducted a series of depositions with various administrative figures within NFL organizations as part of their grievance against the NFL, filed last November, which suggests that NFL owners have colluded to keep the free agent from signing with a team.

The NFL announced last week that players must stand for the anthem if they are out on the field of play.

Reid, the 49ers safety, kneeled next to him. If players do kneel or otherwise protest during the song, their respective teams will be fined.

If the National Football League thinks it can pull a fast one and silence players who want to protest on the field, they need to think again.

Geragos also claimed to have, via deposition, plenty of evidence that Kaepernick remains unsigned primarily due to his national anthem protests and fears of a backlash from Trump. Under the league's Collective Bargaining Agreement teams and the NFL are forbidden from coming together to deprive a player of employment.

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"We expect professional sports leagues to lead the way on social issues, which is a hard thing for the sports league to do, when the fan base of most sports leagues is so diverse it likely won't agree on anything, much less something like the anthem protests", Feldman said.

A separate question asked, "Do you think that NFL players who kneel during the national anthem are patriotic or unpatriotic?"

Such testimony, Kaepernick's lawyer, Mark Geragos, believes, is enough to prove collusion in a civil suit.

"Well, unless you've got an owner under penalty of perjury testifying that he changed his mind after he was told what Trump said", Geragos said back.

"I was totally supportive of [the players] until Trump made his statement", Ross said in a deposition, adding that owners' conversations with Trump had been relayed in a league meeting, saying that he thought Trump "changed the dialogue".

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