NINE Opening Credits in LEGO Celebrate the Show's Revival

Fox, ABC and NBC Cancel More Shows

'Brooklyn Nine Nine' finds new home at NBC

As previously reported, Andy Samberg's cop comedy was cancelled by Fox, but US Network NBC picked up the show after an extensive fan campaign. "I feel like we've had a really nice upswell culturally", said Andy Samberg, who plays detective Jake Peralta, in a recent interview before the cancelation was confirmed.

Season 6 of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" will premiere midseason on NBC.

Now, NBC has gone on record to explain why they are giving the show 13 more episodes, with its entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt telling Entertainment Weekly: "Brooklyn is a show our company produces for Fox, so it's a show that's very close to us".

We're thrilled to have it. NBC quickly picked up "Brooklyn Nine-Nine".

But Crews didn't stop the thank yous at Hamill.

Following the show's cancellation after five seasons on Thursday, fans were stunned and expressed outrage online, with celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda leading the charge to continue the show by sharing hashtags like #SaveB99 and #RenewB99.

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It was ultimately NBC that gave "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" a second life, the same network that passed on it when it was still being developed.

"It just felt like a piece of the puzzle that- you know when you finish a jigsaw puzzle and one piece is missing, and you go what happened to that piece?" The show, which initially bordered on being too tongue-in-cheek, has thrived in its later seasons by exploring more hard topics such as racial profiling, corruption, gun violence, and sexuality.

NBC revoked the cancellation due to the public outcry of devoted fans who wanted more of the show.

The drama "Blacklist", said to be on the fence to return, is on the midseason schedule. Netflix, Hulu, TBS and NBC reached to Universal TV with the interest of picking up the series for new seasons.

"We were like, 'What's happening???'" she said. The cast and crew believe that their efforts helped the show stay afloat for at least one more season. "We knew there were conversations that were going on with other platforms and I'm really happy for the whole team". Some critics of Fox's decision were particularly dismayed by its timing, as it was rumored then that Last Man Standing might get a revival from the network.

The announcement came as a shock to fans, including a number of famous faces, who took to social media to vent their anger.

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