Microsoft Surface Hub 2 may actually make videoconferencing cool

Surface Hub 2

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The company hasn't shared any specifications or price, but it won't be available before 2019 - selected customers will test the Surface Hub 2 starting this year. This allows you to place four Surface Hub 2 tablets side by side to make one giant screen or to utilize them individually to display different documents on each screen. "It comes in 3×2 aspect ratio, 4K+ and 50.5" multi-touch display.

This is accomplished through the use of 4K cameras that rotate with the device, integrated speakers, and far field microphone arrays that would allow anyone in the room to be picked up the mic when speaking. You can put up to four Surface Hub 2 devices side-by-side - in either portrait or landscape orientation - and they'll all work together as one massive screen. Microsoft has designed Surface Hub 2 for both productivity and creativity.

The Hub also seems to come equipped with a webcam and stylus for optimum workflow, but that's really all the details we get for now.

The Surface Hub 2 interface, as shown in this Microsoft demonstration video. By announcing it almost a year early, Microsoft is possibly aiming to outpace its competition and rope in a few businesses who typically order such devices in advance.

Microsoft debuted the first-generation Surface Hub in January, 2015, at the remarkable event that also introduced the world to the HoloLens.

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Microsoft doesn't mention a larger unit like the current 84-inch model, and there's good reason why the company may not take this larger avenue: Tiling. Despite the rumours and speculations, Microsoft remains totally committed to the Surface Hub product line. This device brings out the best bits of the Surface Hub 1 and advances all the parts that needed advancing.

Businesses in need of wall-based Windows 10 devices rejoice, there's a new Surface Hub 2 in town.

Three years ago, Microsoft announced the first-generation Surface Hub, a giant touchscreen created to make collaboration brainstorms marginally less soul-sucking.

Although Microsoft didn't talk about it, the new Surface Hub 2 will apparently include a new thumb-driven interface that can switch between various apps. The company even went all out with the Surface Hub three years back and chose to announce a touch screen the size of a blackboard. With this in mind, we did learn two specific things about the display that sets the Surface Hub 2 apart.

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