Google CEO Introduces Robots that Sound Just Like Humans

Android P: Biggest changes, eligible devices & more from Google I/O 2018

How Google is trying to fix your phone addiction

"Google Duplex is the most incredible, terrifying thing out of #IO18 so far", tweeted Chris Messina, a product designer whose resume includes Google and bringing the idea of the hashtag to Twitter. But there are still so many important ways that iOS and the iPhone offer a vastly superior experience, and yet another serious Android problem reemerged this week to remind me once again that I'm sticking with Apple's iPhone for the long haul.

Google I/O 2018 was started on Tuesday and unveiled the new updates as expected including new tools for the developers. That's the proper attitude-and Duplex's launch will provide an opportunity to show Google takes its responsibility seriously. And Google wants to support its users in this.

In the healthcare realm, for example, the Google Research team in February published research findings on an AI algorithm that may be able to predict a patient's risk of heart attack or stroke using only photographs of the interior lining of the individual's eye. Google has listened to feedback and chose to revert this change with DP2, however.

Big tech is facing unprecedented scrutiny for the addictive nature of apps and devices, mass accumulation of personal data, skyrocketing wealth from digital advertising and growing societal repercussions, such as job loss, from advances in artificial intelligence.

The press release specifically noted that Google devices running Android 8.0 Oreo or higher can access wireless Android Auto, but that any non Pixel or Nexus phone will require 9.0 or higher.

Google Duplex has got the fix!

Image Credit The Verge
Image Credit The Verge

Normally, each new request with our devices begins with "Hey Google". It can show you just how many times you unlock it (constantly), check in on social media without even thinking about it (obviously) and spend hours mindlessly watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

According to Google, Duplex is a "new technology for conducting natural conversations to carry our "real world" tasks over the phone". It even deployed a super casual "mmhmmm" during its demo. Google is referring to the new feature as "visual disturbances". It partially implies that Duplex could personify the Assistant as Samantha, the OS from the Hollywood flick "Her". As the humans can't expect the computer to speak so casually and that's what makes Google Duplex more risky than we think. It's a futuristic feature that could really set the company apart from its rivals Siri and Alexa.

Announcing a slew of features to its apps and services, Google stressed on how AI is going to shape up the future not just in terms of technology but also other fields.

OK, Google. Thanks for saving us from you. "It's just that, as of now, there are only a handful of phones that do, and these are currently all Google devices".

We could always use a friendly digital assistant whose voice doesn't seem automated.

"We've been working on this technology for many years", Pichai said during the conference. You can still go to the home screen, multitask, kill apps, and switch between apps. The opportunities and use cases are endless. Call it Mobile Communication 2.0!

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