California cops hunt paroled sex offender from OR after RV chase

Los Angeles police chase RV possibly with child on board

Police chase domestic violence suspect in RV from LA to Newhall

In Bakersfield, Houk repeatedly exited and re-entered the freeway and at times drove through the city and a busy Walmart parking lot, all with his 3-year-old son and 11-month old daughter in the vehicle, authorities said.

The children allegedly kidnapped by suspect Stephen Houk were located unharmed inside the pursuit vehicle shortly after the pursuit came to an end in Bakersfield on Tuesday at approximately 6 p.m., Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station detectives reported early Wednesday morning.

Houk once surrendered to police in a child sex abuse case in western OR in 2002, according to Lincoln County Circuit Court records.

Houk, who was on parole for felony sodomy in OR, led police on a chase Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles after deputies tried to talk to him about a report that he had threatened his wife, Harris said.

After an extensive search over several hours by CHP, Kern County Sheriff's and Bakersfield Police Department personnel, Houk was not located and the containment was broken down at approximately 11:00 p.m., Tuesday, the LASD said in news release Wednesday. Instead, his 3-year-old son walked out about 45 minutes later.

When Los Angeles Police Department officers were pursuing the motor home in Hollywood, the driver led them through narrow side streets before getting on the 101 Freeway in the area, aerial video from Sky5 showed.

New Jersey's Mystery High School Pooper Turns Out To Be School Superintendent, which first reported the arrest , school employees were monitoring the track before 6 a.m. when they spotted Tramaglini. Police say staff members were watching to see who was leaving human feces on the property on a regular basis.

They waited until the dust settled and then approached the vehicle with their guns drawn but when they opened the door, only the baby girl and toddler were inside.

Police are in a standoff with a possibly armed domestic violence suspect in an RV who is believed to have two young children with him.

The chase ended in an almond orchard.

"He got lucky", Rodriguez said.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says detectives on Tuesday tried to arrest a 46-year-old OR man who had a fight with his wife and was wanted for child abduction and weapons violations. "Both children have since been reunited with their mother".

Houk's last known address was in Keizer.

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