YouTube Kids Bolsters Parental Controls

YouTube Kids app gets better parental controls finally

YouTube Kids app gets better parental controls finally. by Kristen Chase | Apr 26 2018 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Facebook is giving its controversial Messenger Kids app a new feature called "sleep mode" today, allowing parents to set specific times when their children aren't allowed to use the app.

With Sleep Mode, parents can set a designated off time and each day at the designated time, the app will "go to sleep" and not be accessible to kids during those hours. The new option is being controlled by a parent from the Parent Control center in the parent's Facebook account.

During the Sleep Mode, if a Child tries to access this Messenger Kids app, he will see a message that the app is in sleep mode and ask him to come later.

Facebook has always remained in question to providing donations or some sort of financial assistance to some of the advisors who have been supportive towards its Messenger Kids app. But parents also told us they would like controls that make the app inaccessible at a certain time, like during dinner, homework time or bedtime. But some child development experts have called for Facebook to pull it, saying it should not be making apps for kids. There is a special control panel available for the Kids app which allows the parents to add and remove contacts to chat with their Children.

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YouTube Kids, which has been criticised for inadvertently recommending disturbing videos to children, has said that it would introduce several ways for parents to limit what can be watched on the popular app. Since the time Facebook launched Messenger Kids for the iOS in December, the social network has been on fire.

Parents can use this feature by enabling this feature from their accounts.

Facebook and Facebook's Messenger Kids app icons are displayed on an iPhone in NY on February 16, 2018. For more guidance and resources, visit our Parents Portal at You can set different times for weekdays versus weekends. Parents can also delete the account or create a new account for the Kids within the same environment.

What do you think of the idea of Messenger Kids in general?

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