World's first super-resistant gonorrhea strain found

Super Gonorrhoea English man has world’s first confirmed case of new strain

GETTYSuper Gonorrhoea English man has world’s first confirmed case of new strain

Public Health England has "introduced enhanced surveillance to identify and manage resistant strains of infection promptly to help reduce further spread", she said, adding that using condoms is the most effective way to prevent infections.

The appearance of this man's record-breaking resistant super-gonorrhea, then, is part of a deeply worrying trend, one in which both our prevention and treatment efforts are falling short. It can be spread from one person to another through vaginal, oral or anal sex.

GONORRHOEA is a sexually transmitted infection that in many cases shows very few signs.

The strain of "Neisseria gonorrhoeae" which is resistant to standard antibiotics was isolated after a heterosexual man visited a sexual health clinic in England. The 2016 Review on Antimicrobial Resistance Final Report and Recommendations states that antibiotic resistant infection will kill an extra 10 million people a year worldwide - more than now die from cancer - by 2050 unless action is taken.

The report states the man is being treated intravenously with the antibiotic ertapenem. The first case of the drug-resistant STD has emerged, and health officials are fearing that there is no effective treatment now available to manage the disease.

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Gonorrhea symptoms can sometimes be tricky and hard to detect. The incident has prompted health officials to track the man's sexual partners to curb the spread of the disease. The authorities have indeed registered the "worst case of super-gonorrhea in the world".

'We are investigating a case who has gonorrhoea which was acquired overseas and is very resistant to the recommended first line treatment, ' Dr Gwenda Hughes, the head of Public Health England's STI section said.

The bacteria turned out to be resistant to the standard antibiotics for gonorrhea, azithromycin and ceftriaxone, and was susceptible only to spectinomycin. Also, the funding must be increased to combat life-threatening STDs.

Symptoms are not always easily identifiable but can include a burning sensation when urinating and unusual discharge from the penis or vagina.

Dr. Teodora Wi, medical officer of human reproduction at World Health Organization, said in a news release past year that the bacteria that cause gonorrhea are highly intelligent, explaining that "every time we use a new class of antibiotics to treat the infection, the bacteria evolve to resist them".

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