UKFast reveals gender pay gap of just 0.9%

JCB's Daisy Coombes who was recently voted the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Apprentice of the Year

JCB's Daisy Coombes who was recently voted the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Apprentice of the Year

Writing in a statement, Sony Music UK said: "While our gender pay gap is closing, having fewer women in the most senior roles has had an impact".

At 93%, Stoke City Football Club has the largest mean pay gap of any company that's filed data.

Cricket and tennis are the sports with the largest disparities between men's and women's pay, figures released by the Government have revealed.

"This is the first year of reporting and we will use the results to target our efforts effectively as we continue to work with employers towards eliminating the gender pay gap".

Of the carrier's 554 pilots, more than 540 are men; meanwhile its lower paid cabin crew are predominantly female.

When looking at the median hourly rate, for women it is 71.8 per cent lower than men's, with women earning 28p for every £1 that men earn. This matches the mean national pay gap pay, and is only 1 per cent better than the median national pay gap.

"We should... celebrate success and congratulate those firms and organisations which are taking action to make the world of work a more equal place". "Change does take time but I believe there is evidence that a more balanced picture with many more women in senior roles is emerging". Leaders and their managers need to fix the "broken windows" - the range of everyday biased attitudes, actions and practices that make possible the bigger systemic problems, like the gender pay gap, that women face.

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Nearly all of the East Anglian companies required to report revealed a pay gap favouring men, with construction group Breheny, audio visual firm Midwich and insurance giant Aviva revealing some of the biggest gaps. In addition, 33% of its employees under the age of 30 are women and 40% of Apple's leaders who are under 30-years-old are female; this reflects a 12-percentage point increase over two years.

45 companies have reported a 0 per cent gap on both median and mean averages.

One hundred percent of Apple employees, regardless of their level in the company, receive stock bonus incentives.

However, gender equality campaigning charity the Fawcett Society says it represents an opportunity for employees to talk about pay and find out what their colleagues earn. It's only now that banks, insurers and investment companies are being forced to go public on this that we can see just how male-dominated they are at the top.

Google's topline data appears to be a more accurate reflection of pay across the company's United Kingdom offices than in Apple or Amazon's case.

President Obama proposed the rule in January of 2016, expanding upon a 2014 executive order that required federal contractors to share salary information for male and female employees.

The company's United Kingdom chief Ronan Harris said in a statement: "We're not proud of these numbers".

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