Uber Movement Tool Launches in Toronto to Share Transportation Data

Uber Acquires A Bike Share Start Up

Uber to acquire self-service bicycle firm

Governor Doug Ducey last month called a video of the incident "disturbing and alarming" and the crash "an unquestionable failure".

"We listened closely to thousands of drivers and from their feedback we were able to identify the benefits they mostly want access to, and so Uber Rewards was developed", said Emmah Mutunga, Greenlight Hub manager for Uber in Kenya.

Uber expands its bike rental program to Washington, DC.

Uber and Getaround already had a partnership in place that allowed Uber drivers to make money driving Getaround cars, but this new deal will give a wider demographic access to the vehicles. Within the year, riders will be able to buy and use tickets from within Uber's app, too.

Uber has long billed itself as much more than a ride-hailing service.

The ride-sharing startup on Wednesday unveiled a slew of new services aimed at giving users more modes of transportation through its app.

Uber to acquire self-service bicycle firm

Getaround's vehicle offerings will appear in a side menu in the Uber app. Users will be able to find and unlock an available auto from their phones using wireless technology. "By sharing our aggregated and anonymized trip data, Uber can help inform decisions about how to adapt existing infrastructure and invest in future solutions to make our cities more efficient", said Rob Khazzam, General Manager, Uber Canada, in a press release. "If this goes on, you'll simply have gridlock".

Uber envisions being able to bring data, on-demand transportation and solving for real-time transportation needs to public transit, Khosrowshahi said. He reiterated the company's commitment to autonomous vehicles, saying he believed "very important part of the solution of getting rid of auto ownership".

In addition to today's rental vehicle deal with Getaround, Uber announced a partnership with London-based Masabi, a mobile ticketing company that Uber said will help customers book and use public transit tickets directly within the Uber app. (Some have questioned such models, arguing that autonomous vehicles take up just as much space as private, manually operated cars - and cheap, driverless rides would only induce more congestion).

This is what the options for a multi-transit trip looks like in the expanded Uber app. The service will also include integration of transit maps and schedule information in select cities.The company did not say which cities.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced the changes in a blog post Wednesday titled "Moving Forward Together with Cities".

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