Snapchat's new Snappables let you play augmented reality games with friends

Snapchat’s new bubble gum Snappable game

Snapchat’s new bubble gum Snappable game

Snappables will live to the left of the camera, not the right as traditional lenses do.

No boring moment when using Snapchat-especially with the introduction of "Snappables", a new way to play augmented reality games with your friends.

Image and video sharing platform Snapchat announced the launch of "Snappables", a new range of Lenses for sharing experiences and playing augmented reality (AR) games.

Snapchat is releasing seven new templates into the Lens Studio that will let creators to build digital masks. They will be able to interact with these AR games through facial expression, motion or touch, which sounds rather cool.

The company claims that Snappables is a new form of interactive Lenses through which Snapchatters can share experiences and play together in AR anytime and anywhere.

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The teaser video also shows off some of the augmented reality games that are coming to Snapchat. There are games that will pit users against each other and the one who secures the high score wins. There's one game that is basically a virtual weight-lifting session using eyebrows.

To get started, a user will need to tap on the Lens icon and then follow the on-screen directions.

The first of the previewed Snappable games include an Asteroids-style space shooter, a kiss-blowing game, a weightlifting game which makes use of your forehead, an egg-catching competition and a dance party.

Snappables will start rolling out on iOS and Android globally this week. But only time will tell if this new endeavor will succeed.

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