Pentagon Denies Firing Missiles at Air Bases in Homs, Damascus

Satellite imagery of Shayrat airbase following last year's US air strike

Satellite imagery of Shayrat airbase following last year's US air strike

Syrian state-run television reported early Tuesday that Syrian air defenses have confronted a new "aggression" over Homs, but did not say who carried out the airstrikes.

Meanwhile, the state news agency SANA reported the overnight attack in Homs, spelling no further details but added that the source of the missile strike is not yet known amid speculations that Israel is more likely to be behind the attack after the Pentagon denied carrying out operations on the aforementioned airbases. Reports close to the regime indicated that its defences shot down six missiles targeting the base. It also comes roughly a week after two Israeli F-15 fighters targeted another Syria's airbase in Homs province, Tiyas (also known as T-4 Airbase).

It said that air defense had been activated after a "false alarm".

The reports claimed that six missiles targeted the Shayrat airbase in the province of Homs, but majority were intercepted.

A Pentagon spokesman said there was no USA military activity in that area at this time.

"There is no USA military activity in that area at this time", Eric Pahond, a Pentagon spokesman said when asked about the strike on Tuesday.

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Opposition sources say Dumair airport is a major air base used in a large-scale military campaign waged by the Syrian army with Russian firepower that regained eastern Ghouta, a rebel enclave on the outskirts of Damascus.

Site of previous U.S. attack: The Shayrat airbase was the target of an April 2017 USA missile attack in response to an earlier chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government.

The U.S., along with the United Kingdom and France, conducted airstrikes on Saturday in Syria to punish the Assad regime for an apparent chemical weapons attack against civilians.

Israeli interventions: Tel Aviv has carried out multiple airstrikes on Syrian government targets during the conflict.

Also friendly governments of this country, such as Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba, and social movements raised their voices of condemnation against Washington's unilateral military actions, which violate the principles of global law.

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