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Google launches a redesigned Gmail with self-destructing messages, email snoozing and smart replies: Here's how to

Big Changes in Your Gmail Account. Here is All You Need to Know About New Gmail Account

These few updates alone highlight the significant thought that's gone into the "new" version of Gmail and how seriously the company is taking the protection of sensitive information. Some of the new features leaked ahead of time, but the new look hasn't actually been available for people to try out for themselves until now.

In addition, Google transformed Tasks - a to-do list tool that has been hidden in Gmail since 2008 - into a much more useful, nicer-looking way to make lists. Google is building AI into all its products, and there are a handful of new smart Gmail features rolling out as part of the update.

But let's start from the beginning.

One other AI-powered addition to Gmail is a nudging feature. There's also a link to the new "snooze" feature here. If you're a fan of a clean inbox, that's a good way to keep your inbox empty and still rest assured that an important email that you want to take care of later will pop back up into your queue.

And now when you hover over threads, there are new buttons for archiving messages, deleting them, marking them as unread, or snoozing them. It's introduced a feature called Nudging, which bumps potentially important messages back to the top of your inbox after a few days as a reminder to deal with them. Once turned on for a specific message, the user won't be able to copy, download, forward, or even print it. Users who mostly choose "confidential" option can limit the numbers of receivers and OTP sent to your mobile phone.Tools like Google calendar, Task and note will be added to the user interface.

Also, users can have a message expire after a set amount of time to prevent it from resurfacing years later. (In fact, to support you getting shit done, Google also revealed that will be releasing separate Google Tasks apps on both iOS and Android shortly). "Reply?" If you were to click on that, you'd be able to quickly reply to the e-mail. I will hold off on switching to the new Gmail as I don't miss anything for my daily work at the moment.

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Gmail Update 2018: What are the new security features?

In the inbox pane, you have the availability to interact with the messages without even opening them. You can try them out selecting the "Try the new Gmail" option in the settings menu.

Speaking of snoozing, Gmail now allows you to postpone emails for a later period. You can also add little details on any task you need to focus on. You can still sort and filter emails into different folders/categories. However, this too will be phased so if you don't find it immediately do not panic.

Sadly, one of my favorite Inbox features, the automatic grouping of travel emails (think flight confirmations, vehicle and hotel reservations etc.) into a single bundle, has not made the move to Gmail (yet). If you don't know Gmail, you know someone who does.

Drag and drop makes organizing your lists easier than ever. Google said that the new experience is available for businesses to start using today in the G Suite Early Adopter Programme, and can be turned on in the admin console.

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