Conway Accuses CNN Host Of Harassing Her By Asking About Husband's Tweets

Kellyanne Conway blasts CNN for asking about her husband's critical tweets about Trump

Watch: CNN's Dana Bash Battles WH's Kellyanne Conway over Husband's Tweets

"You just went there". "Are we going to do that?"

Conway said her husband, George Conway, a prominent lawyer, also posts many things that are supportive, and she then launched into a diatribe against CNN and Bash for asking a question that was meant to "harass and embarrass".

On the show "State of the Union", Bash asked Conway about a tweet her husband, a prominent Republican lawyer, that said the way the president frequently contradicts statements of aides is "absurd" and "why people are banging down the doors to be his comms director".

Kellyanne Conway lashed out at a CNN host over question about her husband's anti-Trump Twitter habit.

Bash responded: "I would ask you that if you were a man", prompting Conway to shoot back: "No, you would not".

" By meaning, partners have a disagreement when one is, I have no idea, draining pipes the joint checking account to support things possibly the other disagrees with", she stated.

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Conway continued to stay on the defensive by stating that spouses "by definition have differences of opinion" and that Bash's question was a "cross-the-Rubicon moment" demonstrating the "double standard" Conway has to deal with.

Conway's husband George Conway, who has been married to the White House counselor since 2001, has previously made social media posts about adult film star Stormy Daniels, who claims she had an affair with Trump in 2006, and about the administration. "We bite our tongue plenty since I work for individuals of this nation, the United States federal government, and the presidency and the President of the United States, so there is plenty that I do not state".

"There are other family members of people who work at the White House who certainly don't support the President privately and publicly", Conway said.

Conway and Bash got into a heated, tense exchange when the anchor brought up George Conway's recent tweets.

. In just a month he made over 200 tweets and a lot of them were particularly anti-Trump.

Haberman tweeted a photograph of some of the living presidents and their spouses gathered at first lady Barbara Bush's funeral on Saturday.

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