Caster Semenya will have to reduce hormone levels to compete at Olympics

Testosterone ruling could bring lawsuits

Caster Semenya to take pills to reduce testosterone levels

Semenya, a two-time Olympic 800-meter champion who competes in the 800m and 1500m races, was previously cleared to compete in all events.

Semenya fans didn't take the new rules kindly, criticizing the IAAF's decision. It was only after Savinova was exposed as a drug cheat that Semenya was upgraded to gold in both events.

These new rules will affect South Africa's double-Olympic champion, with the IAAF putting testosterone quotas on events from 400m to the mile - which include Semenya's preferred 800m and 1500m distances.

Meanwhile the ANC said the "racial undertones of this can not go unnoticed" and the party called on the Court of Arbitration for Sport to set aside the regulations, eNCA reported.

The inclusion of the 1500m and mile make the new gender rules even more skewed towards eliminating Semenya from worldwide competition, as last summer marked the 27-year-old's first global championship appearance in the 1500m.

The new rule will apply to distances between 400m and a mile and it is expected to be operating by November this year.

The EFF calls on all Africans and peoples of the world to rally in support of Caster Semenya and reject the IAAF for the racist and misogynist organisation it is.

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"I'm 97% sure you don't like me, but I'm 100% sure I don't care", she said in one tweet, complete with a frowning emoji.

"As the International Federation for our sport we have a responsibility to ensure a level playing field for athletes".

"The result is these new regulations, which seek to facilitate the participation in the sport of athletes with DSDs on terms that preserve fair and meaningful competition in the female classification". If they do not, athletes may only be able to compete at the national stage, be forced to race against men, find events for inter-sex athletes (if they are even offered) or give up on the sport, according to the Times. Athletes need to abide by competition rules we set'.

Sports Scientist Professor Ross Tucker feels the IAAF argument will be overturned in court.

The introduction of the DSD criteria is thought to be based on the conclusions of two IAAF-commissioned research reports that found that female athletes with elevated testosterone levels enjoyed a major advantage over their rivals.

"Semenya's athleticism was attributed to a single molecule - testosterone - as though it alone earned her the gold, undermining at once her skill, preparation and achievement", Karkazis wrote in the Guardian in 2016.

Those who want to compete are not required to undergo surgery.

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