Baby boy is born four years after the death of his parents

A baby boy whose parents were killed in a car crash has been born via a surrogate in China

Baby is born in China four years after parents died in car crash

A baby has been born four years after its parents died in a auto accident, Chinese media reports. Days before doctors were set to transfer one of the embryos into Liu, the couple died in a auto crash in Jiangsu.

The boy, called Tiantian - Sweetie in Mandarin - was born in a hospital in China's Guangdong province, "after his grandparents won a year-long court battle to use a frozen embryo".

A 27-year-old Laotian was chosen since the surrogate, and health practitioners at a hospital in Laos implanted two of the embryos. Other babies have their fathers and mothers, but he doesn't.

The legal battle was lenthy due to there being no precedent as to whether the four grandparents were entitled to inherit their children's fertilized eggs, Chinese media noted at the time.

The parents of the couple fought for three years for the rights to the four remaining embryos their deceased kids had left, in a complex and unprecedented legal case in the country, Beijing News said.

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Once this challenge was met, the families had to set about finding a surrogate and, with this service illegal in China, they had to set their sights overseas. Their unique case was controversial, since there is now no existing law in China that grants parents of couples inheritance of their children's embryos. No airline would carry the embryos, which were encased in a thermos containing 196°C (385°F) liquid nitrogen, so the trip was taken by vehicle. During her pregnancy, the surrogate mother traveled to Guangzhou, China, on a tourist visa.

Liu's mother Hu Xinxian told the outlet they named him Tiantian, meaning "sweet".

The child was kept in the hospital for 15 days, until all four grandparents gave blood and DNA tests, establishing the baby was indeed their grandson and that both parents were Chinese nationals.

In lieu of a large, ostentatious banquet, however, Tiantian's grandparents held a smaller affair, according to the Beijing News.

"For sure we will tell him what happened - what choice do we have?"

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