Apple co-founder bashes Facebook over privacy

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Facebook is now enmeshed in several scandals, including the issue of privacy protocols in the wake of user data furnished to British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica. Comparing Facebook with Apple, Steve said the latter makes money by selling quality products. The profits are all based on the user's info, however users get nothing in profits. 'We don't believe that'. Wozniak, that co-founded Apple from the 1970 s with stevejobs, remains employed with the company. "It has given me less positives and extra negatives", Wozniak claimed this week in a Facebook post. The company is said to have retained private data from 87 million Facebook users despite having assured Facebook that the data was deleted. "I wouldn't be in that situation", Cook said recently.

Elon Musk took the plunge last month in the wake of revelations of a sizable data breach that resulted from an affiliation with research firm Cambridge Analytica.

In Facebook's (and Google's for that matter) perspective, they are providing a free service that is accessible to everyone.

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It's "a big hypocrisy not respecting my privacy when (Facebook CEO Mark) Zuckerberg buys all the houses around his and all the lots around his in Hawaii for his own privacy", Wozniak said. While it's possible to leave Facebook without retiring from Messenger, there's always the risk that Facebook will keep on collecting data on its users. Especially when says that he's leaving Facebook. This data and information found through one's general browsing and internet use are used to create advertisements. He added that he's happier with Apple's "more secure ways of sharing things" and that he'd deal with "old school email" and text messages. The Apple co-founder also criticized the social platform over the handling of user data.

In an interview on NBC's Today Show, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg was asked if there was a way for users to completely "opt-out" of the advertising scheme. "We've been doing this for years", Cook said. "That would be a paid product".

It hasn't been a great 2018 for Facebook.

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