Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reveals its Prime service has 100 million members

Amazon stock up as the company reaches 100 million Prime subscribers

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reveals its Prime service has 100 million members

We no longer must infer anything, with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos clearly stating in the annual shareholder letter Amazon sends out that the company has 100 million paid Prime members.

In 2017, for the first time in company history, more than half of the units sold on Amazon worldwide came from third-party sellers, including small and medium-sized businesses as more than 300,000 US -based SMBs started selling on Amazon during the year.

Bezos added that 2017 was Prime's strongest ever, with members ordering over five billion items worldwide and new members signing up at a higher rate than in any previous year. Because many subscribe to Prime for its free two-day shipping, it's near impossible to tell how many people are actively using the video service, and Amazon has yet to give specific numbers on the service, which it uses as a way to lure in customers to its e-commerce site. Still, Amazon stopped short of full disclosure of its Prime subscriber service, like how much revenue it generates.

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"You can not rest on your laurels in this world", he wrote.

Bezos, who has released such a piece of communication on a yearly basis since 1997, said its critical to continuously set higher and higher standards for the company as time goes on because customers do the same for expectations.

While it has been the topic of a debate and wild speculation, all of that has been put to rest with Amazon finally coming clean on the size of its Prime member base. "If low standards prevail, those too will quickly spread". The company's median compensation figure, however, shows that at least by volume, Amazon's workforce tilts more toward the fulfillment center associates than AI specialists. Our Global Selling program (enabling SMBs to sell products across national borders) grew by over 50% in 2017 and cross-border ecommerce by SMBs now represents more than 25% of total third-party sales. For instance, Amazon has and offers a highly successful cloud computing service, electronics (like the aforementioned smart speakers and tablets), groceries (both in-store and delivery) and, of course, video streaming, among many others. And the company is betting the Alexa voice-activated platform will become the next wave of interactions between people and devices, supplementing the computer mouse and touch-screen interfaces. The figure included $81,840 in salary and $1.6 million for the cost of "security arrangements". That would come out to about the same as last year's median pay.

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