VAR set to debut at the World Cup in Russian Federation

VAR to be used at 2018 World Cup in Russia following unanimous vote

VAR was described as ‘comical’ after Tottenham’s defeat of Rochdale in the FA Cup

The game's law-making body the International Football Association Board (IFAB) chose to pilot VAR in 2016 and on Saturday is expected to say those experiments have been a success and formally approve its use at a vote in Zurich.

But FIFA, which stated in a statement on its website that, "The decision is another step toward wide-ranging use of video assistance for referees in order to help increase integrity and fairness in the game", noted that a final decision on its use with regard to the summer World Cup in Russian Federation would be taken on March 16, at its Council meeting in Colombia.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) statement on Saturday described the move as a "historic step for greater fairness in football".

It has been claimed VAR - which can only be used to determine whether there is a goal or not, a penalty or no penalty, straight red cards or incidents of mistaken identity - causes confusion among fans and players.

The referee can request assistance with these decisions or it can be recommended by the video officials, but the referee on the pitch has the final say after being talked through what the footage shows.

That includes better communication with fans while reviews were ongoing and a better definition of what constitutes a "clear and obvious error" that justifies a VAR review, Glenn said. "In 2018 it cannot be possible that every person in the stadium or in their house can find out immediately if the referee has made a mistake, and the only person who hasn't realised that is the referee himself".

"A personal appeal to IFAB the Guardians of the Laws of the Game: FIFA WC can not be used as experiment for such a fundamental change: VAR", said Blatter.

As anticipated the International FA Board voted for video assistant referees to be used from the World Cup this summer despite calls to delay implementation until the system has been properly ironed out.

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He added, "We will hope and encourage the council to take a favourable decision".

Refereering controversies regularly arise in La Liga.

One of the major controversies regarding VAR is that it destroys the momentum of the handsome game.

Ifab technical director David Elleray said he preferred to see one review per four matches rather than the other way round but his advice has not always been heeded.

"It can only improve the game, it can only improve the fairness of the game". But the advent of VAR is complicated by the fact that it can only be used at the highest level of the game and in wealthy countries.

With VAR, referee decision-making was "almost perfect", Infantino said.

"But we lose an average of seven minutes per game due to throw-ins". My real problem is that we've got it for five decisions at the moment, but I can't see any end to it.

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