Things We Learned From 'The Director and the Jedi'

Mark Hamill bags Hollywood star, with no wars required – in pictures

A star for Skywalker

It remains to be seen whether the United Kingdom will get a similar option to access the silent edit when The Last Jedi arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download over here on April 9. As revealed by Rian Johnson on Twitter, the Blu-Ray release of the film will come with a music-only cut that removes all dialogue and sound effects so that viewers can bask in the sheer, unrivaled glory that is John Williams' incredible score. Mark has a special affinity to Ireland through his filming of Star Wars and family history and has done much for our film industry. FandangoNow and Microsoft don't provide those specifications on their web pages (making it hard to determine pre-release), but they do offer a large portion of their 4k libraries in HDR.

Hamill, famous for playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, will be the festival's first global guest of honour and will watch the parade from the Presidential stand.

"It's not distaste at all", said Hamill. However, the audience quickly realizes that's no planet - or even a moon - but instead the dome of the medical chamber containing Finn, as seen in the film's trailers.

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Fans got a chance to ask questions and one asked Hamill about his "distaste" for the direction Luke was taken in during the film. He had some strong feelings about how Rian Johnson wanted to move the story forward, and he now regrets making his making the butting of heads with the writer and director of Star Wars 8 public.

SEE ALSO: Yes, Star Wars just introduced time travel. "I feel an investment in it, a certain sense of ownership, which is a joke, because I don't own it, now Disney does", Hamill said. There's nothing about it that suggests a coherent plot (although I suppose that's not really a deal-killer for Battlefront games, or Star Wars in general) but "What If?" stories are always fun because you can do whatever you want with them. "That's the closest thing we'll get to a sex scene in a Star Wars movie". "I think it's worth it to get this version", tweeted Johnson.

In related news, Star Wars: The Last Jedi director has confirmed that they are going to roll out an alternate music-only version of the film.

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