Switch 'Y2K' bug seems to reset game progress after one year

Nintendo Switch deletes playtime data after a year (update)

Bayonetta 2 graphics comparison: Nintendo Wii U vs Nintendo Switch

Other early Switch adopters are reporting that their launch-day consoles - the Switch technically launched March 3 worldwide - have also wiped their playtime records. The bag is set to come out later this month on March 15, 2018, and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

One year ago today the Nintendo Switch was released with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild among other titles. According to the user, play times for launch games are being reset on Switch profile's all across the globe. Therefore, once these one-year-old games hit the 376-day mark, they should revert to showing the number of hours the game has been played - at least, in theory. Polygon received a pre-release Nintendo Switch review unit on February 24, 2017.

Given Nintendo's history, the company will probably produce its own Switch DXL at some point in the future.

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Update: In a statement to Polygon, Nintendo of America said that play data is now "displaying incorrectly" for some users.

Considering how limited the Switch's activity log is anyway, this is a big issue for anyone who likes to keep track of their playtime, including myself. "We are aware of the issue and we expect to have more information to share in the near future".

As seen below in the video from the YouTuber known as "My Mate VINCE", the Nintendo Switch fan shows off his interpretation of what an "XL" iteration of the console would look like with a prototype version of the system allowing one to play in handheld and table top mode in 1080p on a much larger screen. It's not a huge issue, and maybe Nintendo can fix it soon, but it does mean those brag worthy screenshots of your hundreds of hours in Zelda might unfortunately have vanished while you were looking elsewhere.

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