South Carolina's Jobless Rate Inches Up Slightly

January unemployment rate sets new record low nearly 40,000 fewer unemployed			 0					By		Elizabeth Lauten

January unemployment rate sets new record low nearly 40,000 fewer unemployed 0 By Elizabeth Lauten

The BLS's benchmark process - a required annual review and adjustment of previously released employment data - updates monthly, sample-based survey estimates to full counts of employment, primarily derived from records of the unemployment insurance tax system. The state's unemployment rate remained below the national rate of 4.1 percent.

Cass County's jobless rate was the highest in the region for January. The benchmarking is required to meet U.S. Labor Department guidelines.

National data shows Florida remains among top states in job growth over the past year. Florida remains below the national mark of 4.1 percent. In January 2017 the rate was 4.7 percent.

The Cayuga County January 2018 unemployment rate of 6.4 percent was up from 6.3 percent for the same month in 2017.

Nationwide, Alaska had the highest unemployment rate at 7.3 percent, while Hawaii's was the lowest at 2.1 percent. Walden estimates that between 60,000 and 70,000 North Carolinians now are in the dropout category. Many employers have said they're unable to add jobs because there is a lack of available talent with the right qualifications.

A rate compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - the U6 index - includes those categories.

White County had an estimated 3.9 percent jobless rate. The employment data recalculations are factored here as well.

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Vermont Labor Commissioner Lyndsay Kurrle says the limiting factor of economic growth in the state is the labor force.

The state reported that the number of people working in SC in January was again above 2.2 million.

Most of 2017 brought good news for Flagler County on the unemployment front, with employment rising by about 1,300, the labor force adding about 1,000 working-age people, and unemployment falling by about 700 overall. Private sector positions, at 18,100, decreased by 700 while government positions were up by 200. Trade, transportation, and utilities posted the greatest contraction (-6,600).

So where did all the legal sector jobs go? St. Johns County was the lowest at 3.3 percent, with Okaloosa County at 3.5 percent and Orange, Seminole and Wakulla counties at 3.6 percent.

Jobs in professional and business services rose by 2,100, mostly in administrative and support services (3,000) while management of companies declined (1,300).

Some economists say much of North Carolina's economic recovery has come from piggybacking on the US recovery, or that the biggest factor in the labor force increase has been people moving into the state - particularly Charlotte and the Triangle - in hopes of finding work.

Hawaii had the lowest state unemployment rate in the nation in January, at just 2.1 percent.

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