South African Triathlete Attacked with Chainsaw Tried Hacking His Legs Off

South African triathlete Mhlengi Gwala 27 was out cycling when three men attacked him and attempted to saw off his legs

Horror as chainsaw gang attack top South African athlete and try to cut off his LEGS

South African triathlete Mhlengi Gwala.

Generous South Africans are starting to dig into their own pockets to help promising triathlon competitor Mhlengi Gwala pay for the medical treatment he requires after a gruesome attack by chainsaw wielding criminals.

Dennis Jackson‚ director of the Elite Athlete Development programme, of which Mr Gwala is part, said it was "bizarre", even in the context...

Local police are reportedly investigating the matter as an attempted murder. "When they saw it was getting stuck they started on the other leg", Shange continued.

Sandile Shange, a training partner of the triathlete, told South Africa's Eye Witness News Gwala was shaken and battling to make sense of the incident.

Mhlengi Gwala was riding his bicycle for training before dawn and was ambushed by his assailants who reportedly tried to rob him first, then stepped up their attack even as Gwala offered them his phone and money.

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The men reportedly were interrupted by a security guard and ran away - allowing the bloody athlete to crawl to a road and flag down a vehicle to take him to the hospital.

Surgeons are confident that they can save Gwala's leg.

Jackson told The Guardian that Gwala had overcome drug and alcohol addictions to represent South Africa at worldwide competitions in Chicago in 2015 and in the Netherlands a year ago.

"I have never heard of any enemies that he may have", said Jackson, via AP. We don't know yet how far they went in.

Jackson said the attackers also started sawing into Gwala's left leg before fleeing, enabling the athlete to crawl to a road and flag down a passing auto to take him to a hospital.

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