Remote explosives and bad llamas are coming to Fortnite

Activision Hints At Possible Battle Royale Implementation For Future Call of Duty Games

Activision may contribute to the battle royale craze

The battle royale format has rocketed both PUBG and Fortnite to success, with PUBG recently becoming the third highest-selling game on Steam, and Fortnite becoming the most-watched and most-streamed game on Twitch.

For those who did receive the invite, once you download the program you will be prompted to login using the account (Epic Games, Xbox, PS4, etc) that they specified when they signed up for the event. In order to sign up for an invite code, simply head over to this link in your web browser. If so, Epic Games can add you to the list and find your progress and purchases from other devices after you log in.

Alternatively, if you have a friend who has already received their Fortnite invite, you can have them invite you to the game to jump the line.

Oklahoma plans to use gas for next execution
The precise details have yet to be worked out, but it's likely that a hood or a mask would be used to administer nitrogen gas. A bill signed in 2015 designated nitrogen hypoxia as the state's backup method if lethal injection is unavailable.

Fortnite is now only available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac - although it launches on iPhone this week.

Once you are logged in, you may have to wait a bit in the queue. Same gameplay, same map, same content, same weekly updates. As for the players themselves, Epic said it will "soon begin building the teams", and that the tournament will feature 100 total competitors: 50 pro gamers and 50 celebrities. We'll be adding new players regularly over the coming months.

Going into slightly more details, this new update improves server performance and reduced bandwidth usage when players are jumping and optimizes shield effects on players to improve overall frame rate. Fortnite's incoming Blitz mode takes this idea one step further by capping matches at 15 minutes, and applying shorter storm times.

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