Porsche's Mission E Cross Turismo is the EV crossover you want

Enlarge ImagePorsche's next Mission E is a crossover SUV.                  Porsche

Enlarge ImagePorsche's next Mission E is a crossover SUV. Porsche

Porsche is giving us another look at its future with the debut of the Mission E Cross Turismo concept at the Geneva Motor Show. This time, however, there will be no waiting to get behind the wheel, because as early as 2019, the production version of the current-carrying, nearly five-meter-long cross-utility vehicle should be on the road, which could be risky for USA electric auto giant Tesla.

Porsche also says it will be able to deliver those quick starts in succession, reminding us yet again that Tesla's early performance launch control systems were only capable of delivering maximum acceleration twice in succession before entering a cool-down state.

Two electric motors combine to produce close to 600bhp and provide enough power to send the E Cross Turismo to 125mph in under 12 seconds. Blue alloy wheels with all-terrain tyres complete the look. Fast charging will recoup you about 250 miles in just 15 minutes, too, thanks to its 800-volt system architecture.

Porsche has essentially built upon the original Mission E concept by raising its ground clearance and giving it a more wagon-like rear. The same can be said for the extra-wide instrument panel, with touchscreen displays for the driver and front passenger. Porsche claims that the vehicle has been readied for induction charging too, meaning that wireless charging points under the ground can help to replenish the car's batteries. Porsche is also developing an all-electric 911 model.

Those looking to take the vehicle off-road will tip their hat to Porsche for equipping the Mission E Cross Turismo with adaptive air suspension with height adjustment, all-wheel steering, torque vectoring and dynamic chassis control.

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The Cross Turismo is an all-electric crossover wagon created to take on the Tesla Model X.

We're not so sure about the eye-tracking control, which uses a camera in the rear-view mirror to detect which instrument the driver is looking at.

The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo is just a "study" for now, but expect a production version to follow. Additionally, the boot features a rail system with adjustable and removable straps.

A new Destination App launches with the Mission E Cross Turismo and connects with the auto for planning weekends trips, destination ideas, plotting routes and even selecting the chassis, music, climate control and lighting settings for certain sections.

Porsche is set to do battle with Tesla for supremacy in the world of high-performance electric vehicles.

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