Palestinian PM survives Gaza assassination attempt

Israeli navy arrests 10 fishermen off Gaza shores

Israel sits alongside Arab states at White House Gaza summit

The explosion went off shortly after his convoy entered the strip through the Erez Crossing with Israel, and the moment was caught on camera. At least two bodyguards were lightly wounded.

Also, head of Fatah movement media office Munir al Gaghoub said that the attack seeks sabotaging all efforts for inter-Palestinian reconciliation. After the attack, Hamdallah took a tour of a new wastewater treatment plant in Gaza and then returned to Ramallah in the West Bank. "It was a well planned attempt", he said. There was no immediately claim of responsibility for what one Palestinian Authority security official in Gaza said was a roadside bomb blast.

Radical Islamists opposed to Hamas also operate within the Gaza Strip and have regularly been behind unrest.

Hamas blamed the killing of Faqha on "Israel".

Iyad al-Buzom, Gaza's interior ministry spokesman, said the act of placing blame "has a political dimension". When the smoke cleared, the explosion was followed by heavy gunfire, apparently from police securing the convoy, " said a witness, who declined to be identified because of security concerns.

He said three vehicles had been damaged in the explosion, which blew out the windows of one of them.

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The visit came as reconciliation efforts between Hamas and Abbas's Fateh Party have faltered.

Hamas seized Gaza from the PA in a near civil war in 2007 and multiple attempts at reconciliation have since failed.

Hamas and Fatah had been opposing each other over a border dispute post death of Yasser Arafat, former chairman of Palestine Liberation Organisation.

Hamdallah's government is recognised by the global community, while Hamas is blacklisted as a "terrorist organisation" by the European Union and the United States.

"I will return to Gaza despite what happened today and I call on Hamas to allow the government to effectively control the Gaza Strip", he said. The commander of the Hamas internal security forces in Gaza had survived an assassination attempt in October 2017. "Without security there won't be a government". "Hamdallah stressed that the attack against him 'will not prevent us from completing our work in the Strip, achieving national reconciliation". It also cast a shadow over al White House meeting where global donor nations were set to discuss the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza.

A White House "brainstorming session" to be held Tuesday on alleviating the acute humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip will see Israeli officials sit alongside those from key Arab states including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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