Officer who fatally shot Australian woman is charged with murder

Justine Damond left and Mohamed Noor

Justine Damond left and Mohamed Noor

Chicago, Mar 21 A police officer in the U.S. state of Minnesota who shot dead an unarmed Australian woman last July was charged with murder, in a case that sparked an global outcry.

"Justine's family in Australia and the United States applaud today's decision to criminally charge Officer Noor with Justine's murder as one step toward justice for this iniquitous act", reads the full family statement.

Mohamed Noor, 32, turned himself in and was arrested for the death of Justine Damond, 40, who had called 911 about a possible sexual assault near her house, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in a press conference announcing the charges.

Between 11:39:39 p.m. and 11:39:44 p.m. Harrity hears a voice, a thump behind him and catches a glimpse of a person's head and shoulders.

Harrity, who was at the wheel, said that he was startled by a loud noise just before Damond approached the open driver's side window and that Noor fired from the passenger seat, striking the woman.

Minneapolis' top prosecutor Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman is expected to announce the charges at a news conference at 2:30 p.m. local time in the July 2017 death of Damond, who was shot by Noor from his patrol vehicle.

"Instead, Officer Noor recklessly and intentionally fired his handgun from the passenger seat, in disregard for human life". It said Harrity was startled, perceived his life was in danger, pulled his gun and held it to his ribcage pointing downward.

About two minutes after arriving at the scene, Officer Noor reported a "code 4" to colleagues, indicating he believed they safe and didn't require backup.

"No charges can bring our Justine back", they said in a joint statement. But Tuesday, he says, the community feels relief to see that Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor was charged for the death of Justine Damond. "I ask each of you to learn from the injustice in her death", said Katherine Hamberg, Fulton resident. "However, justice demands accountability for those responsible for killing the people they are sworn to protect".

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This prosecution is a step towards holding this officer accountable for his actions. The county attorney's office declined to comment beyond the statement on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, others spoke out Tuesday regarding the charges filed.

Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann, a former Republican congresswoman who represented the Minneapolis exurbs, called Noor - one of the first Somali-American police officers on the force - an "affirmative action hire by the hijab-wearing mayor of Minneapolis".

Freeman said police officers did not cooperate with the investigation, forcing him to convene a grand jury, which he had previously said he would not use in officer-involved shootings due to its lack of transparency in decision-making.

September 12 - Authorities announce that the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation has handed the case over to Freeman's office.

The attorney for Damond's family, Bob Bennett, could not be reached on Tuesday.

But he added: "Clearly Officer Noor violated the rules and deserves to be charged".

Both officers were wearing body cameras, but they were turned off, as were the headlights of their vehicle.

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