Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf responds, stands ground to ICE criticism

ICE raids nab 150 in California after Oakland mayor's warning

US immigration attacks Oakland mayor for warning of raid that arrested 150

Federal immigration agents arrested more than 150 people in California in the days after Schaaf's warning of the raids, the agency announced on February 27.

A video shows one of the 150 undocumented immigrants being arrested in a multi-day, targeted sweep throughout Northern California, including Oakland.

"We must always question the claims ICE makes about its operations, which all too often have proven embarrassingly false", Arreguín said in his statement. Other times, agents have outdated addresses or targets are not home.

Holman called out the hypocrisy of Schaaf's statement that she made during a Sunday news conference that, "M$3 y priority is safety and that is safety for everyone", noting how she essentially allowed more than 800 criminal illegals to remain at large on Bay Area streets.

"We are not going to sit idly by while more and more families are getting destroyed, while more people are getting deported", Zakout said. About half of those arrested have criminal convictions. A similar operation was conducted in Los Angeles earlier in February. A Texas operation in February resulted in 145 arrests over seven days.

The devastated wife of an undocumented immigrant whom federal authorities arrested this weekend condemned U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) today, saying the agency misrepresented her husband's criminal past to justify his detention as an example to others here illegally.

Increased ICE activity has been reported throughout the Bay Area, the Central Coast, and in the Central Valley.

On Saturday, Schaaf warned residents that "credible sources" had told her a sweep was imminent, calling it her "duty and moral obligation" to warn families.

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Schaaf said she is concerned that this "has been used as a wedge issue and that this ugly myth that immigrants are criminals". "There is nothing further from the truth". Attorneys said people arrested were sent to a processing center in Stockton, even though individuals would typically be processed in San Francisco.

The war of words marked what could be a new low in the relationship between federal officials frustrated with sanctuary policies and liberal California leaders who have opposed President Trump's tightening of immigration and his assertions that undocumented people bring danger to the country.

March 1, 2018: The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, (ICE), may be scaring a lot of immigrants now with their raids and enforcement round-ups, but the agency took time out this week to celebrate a former black employee and Caribbean immigrant. Although the raids prioritized people who pose a threat, officials said anyone violating immigration laws were subject to arrest.

Volunteers with "rapid response" networks - groups that monitor ICE behavior in communities and help immigrants with legal services - released a statement decrying the arrests as an "ugly campaign of intimidation from the Trump administration's deportation force".

Homan's critical remarks represent an intensification of the conflict between federal officials and cities that have said they will protect immigrants.

'We're here to stand united and say we do not want him ripping apart our families, ripping apart our economy, ripping apart California, ' he said.

A Boston police spokesman said Wednesday that the department couldn't release information about the arrest records of the 68 people ICE wanted to pick up past year, citing privacy laws.

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