'March For Our Lives' Across The State; The Hidden Heart Disease

The stage area is set up on Pennsylvania Avenue near the U.S. Capitol in Washington Friday

'March For Our Lives' Across The State; The Hidden Heart Disease

The participants, survivors and people of America won't step back until their demands are taken care of by the government.

On March 24, 2018, the victims of the Parkland shootings organized a March on Washington, D.C. An estimated 800,000 students and other protesters attended the March for Our Lives on Pennsylvania Avenue.

"Politicians: either represent the people or get out".

Another survivor, 17-year-old David Hogg, said it was a new day. Images of Gonzalez during the moment of silence were widely publicized, and they showed her wearing a Cuban flag on her shoulder (she is Cuban American). "Because this - this - is not cutting it", he said, pointing at the white-domed Capitol behind the stage.

STANDING before crowds from here to Los Angeles to Parkland, Florida, the speakers - almost all of them students, some in elementary school - delivered an anguished and defiant message: they are "done hiding" from gun violence and will "stop at nothing" to get politicians to prevent it. Like the crowd, the speakers came from all around the United States. "We know what we want, we know how to get it, and we are not waiting any longer".

Multiple media outlets reported that the Saturday gun-control rally in D.C. drew more than 850,000 protesters, citing march organizers, which would have surpassed the massive 2017 Women's March by more than 300,000.

The ATF also keeps gun recovery records. Organizers said they anticipated as many as 200,000 people.

His school had a lockdown exercise last week.

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May said the coordinated measures sent the "strongest signal to Russian Federation that it can not continue to flout global law". However, the White House said later it would like to have a "cooperative relationship" with Russian Federation .

Still, rallies for tighter firearm restrictions also sprang up in rural, Republican-leaning communities ranging from Lewiston, Idaho to Logan, Utah where there is strong support for the Second Amendment constitutional right to own guns. His impassioned speech called for political action.

Actor George Clooney and his human rights attorney wife, Amal, donated $500,000 and said they would be at the Washington rally.

"The March was an overwhelming success and while we, the adults, who helped organize the event appreciate the words of thanks and tokens of appreciation, it is us who owe a thank you to the students", said Todd Sherer, a former Paramus Councilman and founder of the Saturday AM group.

The most hypocritical thing happening at the March For Our Lives took place backstage.

One of the most powerful celebrity appearances comes from Beatles singer Paul McCartney, who underscored that his best friend and band mate, John Lennon, was killed by a gunshot on December 8, 1980.

According to Knapp, the goal of the group is to fight for gun sense-a term they prefer over gun control, which she says sounds like they want to ban guns-something they don't want to do.

Gun violence was also fresh for some in the Washington crowd: Ayanne Johnson of Great Mills High in Maryland held a sign declaring, "I March for Jaelynn", honoring Jaelynn Willey, who died Thursday two days after being shot by a classmate at the school.

She's optimistic for the future, she said, as she looked around at others who came to the rally who share her passion for preventing further gun violence. "We're going to take this to every election, to every state and every city. Nothing can stand in the way of millions of voices calling for change".

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