Google Play Instant Is Now Live With Six Apps

Android P may spell the end of older apps

Android P may start blocking apps from running if they target older APIs

During that time, you'll see a constant "INSTALL" button within to let you know that you can/should install the full game. Now, the search giant is adding games to the mix. Jonathan Karmel, Senior Product Manager at Google Play said, explaining some very early data from the live experiments which the company had been quietly running since December past year.

Google is said to be following the footsteps of Apple as it is slowly blocking the use of apps from its store with the latest update of OS Android P. Apple delete the apps that no more support in their latest iPhone models and in the same way Google is now clearing its store of the unsupported apps. If you like it, you can then opt to install the full version.

With the Game Developers Conference opening today in San Francisco, Google is focusing its Google Play Instant feature on mobile gaming apps, allowing a device owner to try out a game before actually installing it on his/her phone. This is to speed up the process of trying new games as you won't have to constantly install and uninstall different titles you may or may not like. They have since expanded instant apps, but this is the first time they are bringing games into the fold.

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In a later demonstration using the title Zombie Gunship Revenant AR, a base defence title in which you take on the role and viewpoint of a helicopter gunship patrolling the skies and acting as an aerial defence against the hoards rampaging below, Google showed that even with AR apps Instant can be utilised. Getting an app going with Google Play Instant is fast and fluid, and will drop you right into the gameplay without having to sign in or register.

Not all games can be played instantly without downloading them, but there are a few titles with this feature already available. Meanwhile, Demo Loops will help developers test games on live devices in the Test Lab.

It is limited to the aforementioned developers right now, but Google plans to offer it to more soon. Now the games selection is limited, featuring just a handful of games as the service is now in Beta mode for developers.

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