"Fortnite" App Rakes in $1.5M in just 4 Days

Fortnite Mobile Beta FAQ 1

When is Fortnite mobile coming out on Android?

According to Fortnite's publisher, Epic Games, invites are being sent out "as the servers can handle more players".

To start with, Epic Games is increasing the chances of receiving treasure chests in Fortnite Battle Royale from 50-70 per cent to 80-90 per cent. If you don't receive an invite right away, don't worry, Epic will get round to you eventually over the coming months.

When asked to explain the changes in greater detail, Epic Games said that the buffed resource rate "made gathering resources a little too trivial". "According to Forbes, "Fortnite #Battle Royale" is now sitting at number one on the iOS charts with PUBG Mobile right behind it, and on Google Play, PUBG [VIDEO] sits behind only Google Assistant".

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Fortnite Blitz Mode is a limited time event that kicked off Monday, March 19. The Fortnite announcement only states that it is a "limited-time" mode. Fortnite will be rolled out to Android devices at a later date, although even in its current availability has managed to top the iOS charts in 47 countries in less than a day. The mode is called "Blitz" and its basically a speed-up version of the normal matches Match times are now only 15 minutes and as soon as you begin, the storm circle is already diminishing in size.

A quick look at the responses to the Epic Games comment shows that many players appear to be in agreement with the default mode change, though several emphasized that the increase should be a "slight" one as mentioned to avoid having massive fortresses available on demand. And loot and other drops have been adjusted accordingly. For more "Fortnite Battle Royale" updates, please subscribe our channel.

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